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AdaptroSim supports the development of passive, adaptive and active measures of vibration control and vibration reduction for structures and systems. Analysis, modelling and simulation of dynamic system behaviours enable assessments of different solution early in the engineering process. AdaptroSim adds methods and models to the model-based systems engineering process for structures and systems under dynamic loads to achieve an improved design in less time. The software is based on many years of experience in automotive, maritime, aerospace, machine and appliances, power plant and other engineering tasks.

AdaptroSim Structure and Vibration is now available for Altair Activate and Compose! If you are using Activate or Compose you can find the AdaptroSim solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow on:

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Our Solutions

Structure and vibration

AdaptroSim® Structure and Vibration solutions are made for the design and analysis of passive measures for vibration reduction. In combination with the solution packages AdaptroSim® Smart Structures semi-active and active systems can be mapped. Specifically, the following options are available in the Structure and Vibration Toolbox
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ansys-matlab interface

The AdaptroSim® ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface combines the possibilities of the FE-tool ANSYS® with MATLAB/Simulink®. With the help of AdaptroSim® ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface Toolbox ANSYS® models can be reduced in various ways and co-simulations can be implemented. Specifically, the following options are available in the AdaptroSim® ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface
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smart structures

With AdaptroSim® Smart Structures your AdaptroSim® Structure and Vibration solutions are extended for the simulation of semi-active and active systems. The solution package will be released in the next few months
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Simulation environment with Matlab® & Simulink® 

There are a variety of numerical possibilities in the MATLAB® and Simulink® simulation environment. For those simulation environments we offer various AdaptroSim® solutions that allow you to set up and perform simulations easily and efficiently. These AdaptroSim® solutions can be combined with all other available capabilities of MATLAB® and Simulink®. Our toolboxes can provide support in the following areas:

  • Analysis of structural dynamic behaviour
  • Vibration and noise control
  • Design of active systems
  • Model Reduction
  • ANSYS®-MATLAB® interface

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